We have also packaging machines in our offer. They are used for candles packaging in foil and different types boxes. Help to make a difficult and time - consuming packaging operation much faster and exact.

Packaging machine type "10"

It was design for packaging tea - light candles in typical boxes with capacity 6 up to 12 candle in one box. Consist boxes store, loading device and box dosing equipment. Can be used with different boxes. Simple construction helps to reduce costs and made it easy to use. Fully automatic.

packaging machine packaging machine type 10


Packaging machine for tray - type boxes

Highly specialized machine for packaging tea - lights to tray - type boxes. Makes the operation of folding boxes, putting tea - lights inside in two layers and close the box with plastic cover. Stroke work, fully automatic, controlled with computer.

packaging machine for boxes 1 packaging machine for boxes 2


Heap - type packaging machine.

Highly specialized machine with high capacity for forming heaps of tea - lights. Equiped with card board store with automatic feeding system. Stroke work, fully automatic, controlled with computer.

heap-type 1 heap-type 2


Examples of packed products.

Some of packed products are shown on photo below. We can also design other types of packaging machines according to needs.