There are many specialized machines used in candle production. They make very complicated and difficult operations, help to make the human work easier and multiply capacity. Some of this devices are shown below.

moulds operating

Device for moulds operating

Highly specialized machine with high capacity for moulds. It opens mould, removes candle from inside and close the mould. Works in line for candles production.

heating oven

Heating oven

Works in closed air circulation enables heating glasses or moulds with hot air. Used as an equipment of technological line for candles. Electrical heating with temperature regulation system, fan, continuous work.

opening device

Moulds opening device

Works as equipment of technological line for moulds filling. Used for moulds opening, filled earlier with paraffin. Continuous work with high capacity. Starts and stops automatically.

closing device

Moulds closing device

Works in this same technological line for moulds filling. Closes moulds after removing candles.

wick cutting

Device for wick cutting

Made to cut-off wicks in candles, lights or glasses. Mounted on conveyor. Wicks are removed out of the glass with sucking device. Equiped with control cabinet and control buttons. Cutting head placed on vertical column, can be moved up and down with hand wheel. It enables to adjust to different height of candle or light.