Our offer of production lines comprise wide range of devices used on every stage of production.

High capacity production line for candles
Production line for lights

Automatization rise the capacity and minimize human effort. Special equipment rise the quality, enables to fit the line easy and quickly to different shape and dimensions of glasses.

Paraffin tank

Completely independent device. Made of stainless steel, insulated with mineral wool. Intermediate electrical heating with thermal oil. Equipped with paraffin pump, filter, temperature regulation system and cover. Placed on wheels. Standard capacity 350l, 550l, 700l. We also make simple version with immediate heating.

Positioning and settings device

Jako wyposażenie linii technologicznych stosowane są różne specjalistyczne urządzenia do podawania zniczy, ich taktowania, przesuwania. Wykonywane pod konkretne potrzeby inwestora.

Rotary tables

User as buffer for gathering glasses or moulds. Made of ordinary steel, table supported on wheels. Standard diameter 1400 and 1600 mm.

Filling station

Used for filling glasses or moulds with paraffin. Made of stainless steel with immediate or intermediate heating. Placed on columns with possibility to set up or down according to needs.

Auxiliary device

To improve quality of products we use a special device for heating or cooling.

Technological conveyors

For displacing candles, glasses or moulds we use a different type of conveyors with wire-net, belt or plates. Made of ordinary steel, width 80 to 800mm, side borders or leading elements.

Colour sorting device

It was design to sort candles in respect of their colors. Easy way to adapt to different candle dimension and colors. It can work as a part of technological line or single device


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